Emotions reconnect us

As you apprehend, we block emotions because of early life emotional overlook. Here are some guidelines for people who think they will be Emotions reconnect us as youngsters. Many humans revel in pressure and anxiety of their regular lives. It’s vital to live in tune together together with your body’s emotional intelligence, or your ability to identify, apprehend and regulate your feelings. Two practices heartfulness and mindfulness can help Emotions reconnect us  with our innate, authentic intelligence so we can be greater effective at work, in relationships, and in pursuing what we price in lifestyles. Along with these items sence-garden are full of known photos, track and films regarded locations. We provide our first-rate to keep lives and satisfied all around, for in addition extra facts please go to our website.



Sencegarden inne i hjemmet inkluderer både generasjon i et forsøk på å gjøre eldre større selvhjulpne, æra for å oppdage endringer i helse, epoke for samtale med helsetjenester, robotic epoke og generasjon for trendy sosial kontakt.

Sencegarden er en ikke uvanlig betegnelse av tekniske installasjoner og løsninger som kan forbedre mannens eller kvinnens evne til å klare seg i sin personlige hjemlige og hjelpe sørge for tilfredsstillende liv og verdighet for personen. Sencegarden velferdsteknologi kan tilby høyere tilbud for eldre i hjemmet, sykepleiere innen hjemmebruk, innen rusmiddelmisbruk, psykisk helse og funksjonshemmede. Erfaring viser i tillegg at sencegarden velferdsgenerering kan tilby mer effektiv bruk av kilder i trenings- og omsorgstilbud innen kommunene. For i tillegg mer informasjon om vår AAL søknad eller gå til vår hjemmeside.


Demographic trends are leading to a extra want for services and products mainly adapted to the desires of aged people. In the sencegarden Odda AAL funding programme supports studies into revolutionary and marketable technological solutions which permit older people to hold the standard of residing they are used to and hold residing independently in their own houses for as long as possible.

An essential function of sencegarden AAL tasks is the short time it takes for a products or services to appear available on the market; this normally takes just two or 3 years following undertaking finishing touch. All potential candidates are suggested to touch their country wide AAL consultant.


Welcome to the sencegarden, we are one the wonderful most important agency in the  Belgium, Norway and right here we create, deliver a boost to focus of the older people with dementia supplying them improve to the numerous senses.

As you recognize, we block feelings due to adolescence emotional forget. Here are some guidelines for those who think they’ll be Emotions reconnect us as kids. Many human beings enjoy ePoint the pressure and anxiety of their normal lives. It’s essential to live in song together along with your frame’s emotional intelligence, or your capacity to discover, understand and adjust your feelings. Two practices heartfulness and mindfulness can assist reconnect us with our innate, genuine intelligence so we may be more effective at paintings, in relationships, and in pursuing what we charge in existence.

Active and assisted living

The objective of the sencegarden call is to improve the contribution of ICT to included solutions that permit the properly being of human beings dwelling with dementia and their communities, including their own family, caregivers, neighbourhood, provider vendors and care machine. The name objectives to help progressive, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative initiatives with a clear direction to marketplace and brought cost for the exceptional types of stop customers. A key precedence underlying this project might be to convey together technology and services to create ICT-based totally answers addressing the unique aspirations and demanding situations of human beings residing with dementia and their groups.

The Active and Assisted Living Programme, which objectives to enhance the situations of life for older adults thru the use records and communique generation, has opened its 2016 call, Living well with dementia.

Ambient assisted living

Ageing is an vital duration of lifestyles and is the time for happiness, peace, and rejuvenation. The sencegarden offers an amiable, cozy and cozy way of life so that you make the fine of your golden years. At The sencegarden, we put in use the satisfactory of our resources and abilities so that you feel cozy and at ease, and most significantly, loved. With our ambient assisted living, we make sure that your every day is filled with energy and zest for lifestyles. The sencegarden has been designed to offer the proper combination of costly comfort and realistic capability. As a sencegarden member of the family, you get pleasure from the luxurious of community living in a non-intrusive atmosphere and lead a carefree life.

The sencegarden gives a comfy and pricey lifestyle to aging elders thru an opulent, comfy and rejuvenating environment.


Welcome to the sencegarden, we’re one the excellent main company inside the  Belgium, Norway and here we create, give a boost to cognizance of the older humans with dementia offering them raise to the many senses.  Sence-garden is a way to reconnect with a extraordinary experience of listening to, touch, stability, odor, and sight with of the first-class basis.

Five senses is a AAL CONSORTIUM hobby for children to look at taste, odor, vision, listening to, and contact. We offer incredible studying and improvement opportunities for susceptible adults with physical and developmental disabilities, thru the use of middle based definitely instructional lessons and community sports.


Memory proceedings are common inside the aged population, and their frequency commonly increases with age. Decline of memory characteristic is a ordinary technique of growing older, however it is able to also be the end result of a pathological condition such as Alzheimer’s sickness(AD). The procedure of distinguishing between everyday and pathological adjustments isn’t always honest.

An important difference is that, opposite to pathological adjustments, adjustments due to the normal growing older procedure are, in maximum cases, not severe sufficient to intrude with the character’s stage of function. A Memories container can be as decorative or as easy as you want. It may be a plastic bin or a shoe box, whichever you decide upon. Ideally, it will be smooth to get entry to and raise, shop some of objects of reasonable shapes and sizes, and in shape on your beloved’s lap or a small table.

Five senses

Sence-garden is a way to reconnect with a different sense of hearing, touch, balance, smell, and sight with of the best foundation. Our project has created five sence-gardens in the Belgium, Norway, Portugal, and Romania with videos, images, soul music and scents by strength.

Our programme first-class for the ones peoples, for activating the folks with dementia each mentally and physically. Five senses is a CONSORTIUM interest for children to study flavor, smell, imaginative and prescient, listening to, and contact. The lesson will introduce each of the five senses one after the other. Students will then be assessed via a more than one choice activity. Can you odor the a laugh!

5 senses

Welcome to the sencegarden, here you will learn a maximum of the matters which are vital for an individual to the life. We do one of the kind-unique styles of offerings like gives use our feel lawn like character with dementia the possibility to recreate and find out activities cover a number of topics, from Geography thru to Life Skills.

Each session is designed to expand the scholars mastering competencies through the use of teaching strategies derived from differing styles of 5 senses expressive Arts, the use of Music, Art, Dance and Drama as equipment to enhance every individual’s development in a wealth of subjects, because of this that periods can be tailored to cowl every person’s gaining knowledge of styles.We offer wonderful learning and improvement opportunities for vulnerable adults with physical and developmental disabilities, through the usage of centre based totally academic classes and community activities.