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Sense lawn is an exceptional mission that is designed to create digital gardens which makes all people to sense pleasure. This venture can be constructed in 4 places along with Belgium, Norway, Portugal, and Romania as properly. It can be designed to sense and to experience the music, snap shots, movies, and perfume on the way to improve the electricity of people with dementia.

It will create the awareness for them to sense all the distinctive sense together with sight, contact, hearing and smell as nicely. The notable undertaking became founded by ambient assisted living Programme. The European Commission and National Funding Authorities of Romania, Norway, Belgium, and Portugal is the co-founder of this project. The mission changed into commenced in June 2017 and it’s far anticipated to be completed by means of the year 2020. The mission length will be about three years.



Memories are one of the maximum critical expects in everybody’s existence.  AAL that is one of the best software and this software particularly includes all of the technology which can be very lots required for maintaining the recollections alive. This kind of generation is one of the better options which can able to maintain the people healthy in addition to they did no longer face trouble.

5 senses Memories which is one of the maximum and best reports of the lifestyles. On this senses there are especially issue come which is as the following as the smell, the flavor, sight, the contact and the listening to. People can also able to sense the contact so they did now not face any problem while they’re touching any things.


Sense-garden designed to sense and to experience the tune, pix, movies, and fragrance if you want to beautify the strength of people with dementia. It will create the attention for them to revel in all of the one in every of a type experience collectively with sight, contact, listening to and smell as well. Five senses which is one of the most and satisfactory studies of the existence.

Using these senses people can able to feel the item very well. They also can capable of odor the things very well. People also can capable of experience the contact so they did no longer face any problem whilst they may be touching any matters.

It is sincerely critical for the people to have all of the five senses so they can able to describe each and each component which is specially critical for the humans.


Sense-garden is an approach to reconnect with a phenomenal ordeal of tuning in to, touch, security, scent, and sight with of the top of the line premise. Wellbeing is the main thing that all individuals needs to think for advancement of their family and for them moreover.

Welfare Technology is truly outstanding and better choice accessible now a days for the individuals who need to keep them wellbeing. This sort of innovation is best suit for those individuals who did not have that quite a bit of time for going out and strolling.

In this innovation individuals can capable have all the common things in their encompassing by taking the assistance of innovation and carry on with a superior life AAL program is extraordinary compared to other program which comprises of all the mechanical thing that are chiefly required for keeping the general population wellbeing.

Emotions reconnect us

The energetic and helped living joins the space among separate dwelling and medical care. The impaired and sufferers with intense scientific issues are the first who need help of their activities. This assist can both be short-time period or normal based totally upon at the medical care problem of the individual. Family members are the most important aid for those humans. These functions are especially less expensive than helped dwelling features however they’re nevertheless pricey. The helped residing is extra famous with older residing houses. Moreover, in case you are trying to find a dependable help organization that can offer you Emotions reconnect us solutions, then the leading aid enterprise is the one stop vacation spot so that you can visit as soon as and take benefit of their answers. To recognise more about them, undergo their on line website.

Five senses

Dementia isn’t a selected ailment. Instead, dementia describes a collection of signs affecting memory, thinking and social skills significantly enough to intrude with day by day functioning.

Dementia is precipitated whilst the mind is broken through illnesses, consisting of Alzheimer’s disorder or a series of strokes. Alzheimer’s disorder is the most commonplace reason of dementia, however now not the simplest one. The precise symptoms that a person with dementia reports will depend upon the elements of the brain that are damaged and the disorder this is causing the dementia.

This five senses generation also enables them to prevent them from injuries and additionally cope with people’s mobility and make certain them to transport independently.

Our clients are our valued companions. We reflect our care for each customers and personnel by way of presenting a nice and secure surroundings for all our interactions from the initial meetings to extended consultations.


Welcome to the Sense-garden, we are one the best leading company in the  Belgium, Norway and here we create, strengthen awareness of the older people with dementia offering them boost to the many senses. We are better because here all the things are familiar with the music, videos, and photos from unknown places to known places. Sense-garden is a one-room 6 distinct stories with lower priced packages.

First of all is Memory lane a medium size A medium-sized touchscreen is dedicated to displaying personal media together with snap shots and films of own family, friends, or interests. And every other one is fact wall here we have evolved a wooded area, a seaside ora village, along side this senses stuff it’s far complemented but using a unique smell and voice connecting to someone known.

5 senses

Welcome to the, right here we are for a social motive. Through all our applications we prompt the men and women with dementia, each physically and mentally. These kinds of stories have and effect on invigorating their identification and assisting convalescing the sence.  We offer 5 senses at Sense-garden in Belgiums, Norway, Portugal and Romania, wherein videos, pics and smells will power the awareness of older human beings. To know greater approximately our social software, sense free to get in contact with us. This Sense-garden is in particular made for dementia man or woman to activate their ailment mentally similarly to bodily. This mission is also supposed for having ambient assisted dwelling concepts. This five senses generation also permits them to save you them from injuries and moreover address humans’s mobility and make sure them to move independently.

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Due to the improvements in healthcare technology, people have realized more about unusual circumstances like Alzheimer sickness. However, there are still a lot of things that we don’t understand about this problem, and researchers have not yet found treatment. Physicians can suggest a particular Alzheimer treatment, but the repercussions are only on a some of the symptoms. Alzheimer sufferers around the world are anticipating that researchers and doctors can achieve their purpose of finding a better Alzheimer treatment.

Alzheimer sickness is a type of dementia that happens when anxiety or thoughts start to die, off and caffeinated drinks messengers between the thoughts quit begin to malfunction. As a result, the sufferers encounter a significant loss kept in storage space and impacted considering, and every year personality and activities changes as the disease developments. The sickness will also damage their ability to discuss, and they may become very anxious or even aggressive. The patients’ choice of Alzheimer treatment will depend on the rate of growth of the disease.

As the individual’s situation decreases, their own close relatives will have to make hard choices about the appropriate ambient assisted living. Some Alzheimer sufferers choose to live at their properties, but they will progressively need 24 hours of care. Creating the patient feel safe with their environment by taking them away from any source of discomfort is a fundamental element of any Alzheimer treatment.

The FDA has approved a number of recommended medicines for Alzheimer sickness and velferdsteknologi. These have been helpful in support the storage space and considering techniques of five feelings of some sufferers. Research and healthcare studies are still being conducted expecting of producing more improvements in Alzheimer treatment.

Some sufferers prefer not to use drugs and turn to organic home remedies and health items instead. However, there are several organic home remedies and healthy items available by major company. If you are looking for efficient place for active and assisted living, then the major hospital is the location place to go for you to visit once. For more details, go through their online website.


We are Sense-garden, here older human beings with dementia and snap shots, song and smells with distinct sence consisting of sight, contact, balance, and odor. For in addition greater information about the Sense-garden, experience loose to get in touch with us or visit to our internet site. Alzheimer’s ailment (AD) is a slowly modern sickness of the mind that is characterized via using signs and signs and symptoms like impairment of memory and in the long run thru disturbances in reasoning, making plans, language, and belief.

Sense-garden offers all styles of dementia or Alzheimer internal low value fees. When the one which you love is in this early segment, he won’t have any signs and symptoms that you can spot. Sense-garden and professionals stricken by Alzheimer’s Disease and other related dementia and to advise for the clinical, social, psychological and monetary goals of those affected by those illnesses. For in addition greater details about us, sense free to get in touch with us.