Sense-garden is a great venture this is designed to create digital which makes each person to sense satisfaction. The active and helped living joins the gap between separate dwelling and medical care. The impaired and sufferers with excessive scientific issues are the first who need help of their activities. However, due to the decreasing importance of relationships, it has probed the start of helped living houses. These features hire educated workforce to serve the good Vulpia. To realize more approximately them, undergo their on-line website. For more information visit our company website.



Welcome to the Sense-garden, we’re one the remarkable and high-quality social organisation in the  Belgium, Norway and right here we create, supply a lift to the attention of the older humans with dementia providing them enhance to the several senses. Sense-garden is AAL (Ambient assisted living) is an rising multi-disciplinary. As such, it’s miles a center consciousness of the emerging area of ePoint and gerontechnology, which considers how technological innovation can useful resource health and nicely-being in older age.


An Alzheimer analysis is important to ensure that the individual isn’t just going through the common negligence associated with age; however, sometimes an Alzheimer’s isn’t necessary. Alzheimer sickness doesn’t just impact ones memory; it can get people see things which are not there, and even deliver them into screaming suits. The beginning signs of dementia are similar to what most people consider an element of “aging. These consist of signs like loss of storage space, uncertainty, misunderstandings, to be able to do frequent activities, disadvantage, frustration, and five senses. Many patients who face such problems do not check with doctor. On the other hand, when those who know about dementia experience such signs they dubious that they have Dementia. For more information visit our company website.


If you are looking for business. then you can visit our company website. Get all information about services. These SENSE-GARDENs are filled with familiar music, videos and photos from known places and with known people. Pictures and videos are mixed with song – maybe a massive picture of mountains together with singing birds. Smells – for instance the odor of a pine forest – are dispersed with a heady scent transport dementia. This gives an immersive space automatically adjusted to each tourist, developing a connection to the maximum preserved regions of the memory. They can for example cycle or walk in a well-known area and feel like they are going domestic. Such reviews can also have an impact on invigorating their identity and assisting getting better the feel of self.

Welfare Technology

The purpose of the sencegarden AAL Programmer is to offer current based definitely answers collectively with products, systems or services using accomplished research and development activities, to decorate older adults first-class of life and to build up the commercial base in Europe. Project proposals submitted for investment to the AAL Welfare Technology Programmer shall have a European measurement and answers ought to be adaptable across Europe. The goal of the decision is to decorate the contribution of sencegarden to included solutions that allow the proper being of humans dwelling with dementia and their groups, including their family, caregivers, community, carrier agencies and care device. The sencegarden targets to manual modern, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative projects with a clean route to marketplace and added cost for the wonderful varieties of give up clients.

Active and assisted living

Are you searching out 5 senses services corporation, proper here with our first-rate services we set off the men and women with dementia each mentally and bodily? Along with these items sense-garden are filled with recognized snap shots, music and films acknowledged places. We deliver our extraordinary to hold lives and satisfied all round, for similarly more statistics please visit our net site.

This SENSE-GARDEN is in particular made for dementia man or woman to prompt their ailment mentally in addition to bodily. This undertaking is also intended for having active and assisted living principles. This five senses generation also allows them to save you them from accidents and moreover deal with human beings’s mobility and make certain them to transport independently. SENSE-GARDEN is a one-room 6 distinct stories with cheap packages. The use of haptic comments may be investigated to permit the man or woman to have interaction with this private media.

Emotions reconnect us

Sense-garden is an amazing project which focuses to create some virtual garden and also designed in a manner to interact with your personal memories. It provides awareness for people with dementia to understand different senses. This sense garden project is specially made for dementia person to activate their disorder mentally as well as physically. At Sense-garden, we know better emotions of peoples and work with dementia to make better things from Emotions reconnect us. This project is also meant for having ambient assisted living concepts. This technology also helps them to prevent them from injuries and also take care of people’s mobility and ensure them to move independently. It is created in such a manner to allow them for a walk o a cycling that ensures them to feel like going to their homes. This will help them a lot in bringing back their memories by recovering themselves. For more information about sense-garden, feel to contact us.


Sense-garden  presents offerings throughout Norway that will help you live in addition to feasible with dementia. Whether you want information and advice, personalised guide offerings, or activities in your network, we can help.

Our expert dementia offerings offer personalised support designed round every man or woman, such as 1:1 guide and day offerings. Our local Dementia senses Advisors and 24 hour Dementia Helpline are constantly there for advice and facts. Our branches and community activities, from dementia cafés to football recollections, are a exquisite way to satisfy other human beings and advantage from mutual guide.

Whether you want data and advice, customized assist services, or activities on your community, they could help. Sense-garden runs a country wide helpline and e mail service. For similarly greater inquiry approximately ALL programme, feel unfastened to get in contact with us.

5 senses

Sense-garden is well-known place that specializes in offering green assisted dwelling services to people. Individuals need some aid in a single way or another, either without delay or ultimately to have. Individuals rely upon many other assets to perform their daily activities. And with senior citizens and contaminated, that is a different state of affairs. The starting signs and symptoms of dementia are similar to what most people take into account an detail of “growing old. These encompass signs and symptoms like lack of garage space, uncertainty, misunderstandings, with a view to do common activities, downside, frustration, and 5 senses. Many sufferers who face such troubles do not take a look at with medical doctor. On the opposite hand, when those who understand about dementia revel in such symptoms they dubious that they’ve Dementia.


Memories are one of the most vital expects in anyone’s existence. AAL which is one of the first-class program and this application in particular consists of all of the technology which can be very plenty required for retaining the recollections alive. This kind of generation is one of the better alternative that can able to maintain the people healthful in addition to they did not face problem. Sense-garden is an exquisite project that is designed to create digital gardens which makes absolutely everyone to experience delight.

It may be designed to feel and to enjoy the tune, pictures, movies, and perfume in case you need to beautify the strength of people with Dementia. People also can able to feel the touch in order that they did not face any trouble whilst they may be touching any matters.