SENSE-GARDEN is a super challenge which focuses to create a few digital gardens and also designed in a manner to engage along with your non-public memories. Dementia is a mind and memory-related disorder, which is usually seen in old people because of various factors. It is a known fact that some of the natural treatments have the cure for various mental problems from time to time. Dementia can be cured with the help of natural treatment, which is widely suggested for people to take to avoid any side effects in an effective way. Dementia is a result of various factors, and a natural treatment can help them to cure the disorder from the bottom to stay away from any of the related diseases for a long span of time.



Welcome to the Sense-garden, we’re one the remarkable and high-quality social organization in the  Belgium, Norway and right here we create, supply a lift to the attention of the older humans with dementia providing them enhance to the several senses. It’s a mainly new Sense-garden fashion to embed smart items in the surroundings to resource human beings elderly in dwelling independently and monitored. The Sense-garden is AAL (Ambient assisted living) is a rising multi-disciplinary. As such, it’s miles a center consciousness of the emerging area of ePoint and geron technology, which considers how technological innovation can useful resource health and nicely-being in older age.